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Why Choose Us?

Why choose us? Do you want to experience the Impact difference? With our customer satisfaction guarentee you will not be disappointed with our service. 


Choice of Repairer

Impact Panel and Paint are a licensend repairer that deal with a majority of insurance companies, if you have 'choice of repairer' as part of your policy you can make the decision to send your vehicle to us.


Accidents can be a stressful and emotional event, we can help you by getting your vehicle back on the road in an efficent manner without comprimising on quality.


We offer manufacturer quality parts, state-of-the-art repair facilities and the latest technology for diagnosing a variety of vehicle issues. Our repair professionals display quality in their workmanship and take pride in focusing on a high attention to detail in their work. Our front office staff  work together as a team to provide top-quality customer service with every customer interaction throughout our day. We can deliver the updates and answers that you need.


Our company strives to be a world-class vehicle repairer. We have a passion for developing community relations in Joondalup and look forward to meeting new clients so that we can offer them effective repair results at competitive prices. We have a passion for developing customer satisfaction in the motor vehicle industry and we believe that just because you are getting world-class repair services, it doesn't mean that you need to pay top industry prices. We are consistently striving to improve the quality of our work by updating our training and our equipment.


IPP have developed sophisticated systems to help create a positive experience for our clients.

Quality Management Systems:

IPP have developed a total quality management system. An effective quality management system is important to IPP as their customers are highly valued. IPP is committed to continuous improvement and aims to not only meet, but exceed their customers’ expectations. IPP’s quality management system allows the company to measure and improve on performance. All systems have measurable quality objectives in accordance with company values. In a brief list below the quality management systems in place to ensure total customer satisfaction is met each and every time.

Environmental Management System:

IPP is conscious about the impact a vehicle repair workshop can have on the environment and has taken measures to reduce that impact, which has resulted in IPP receiving a Green Stamp Accreditation.

Environmentally friendly procedures and systems that have been invested in by IPP are as follows:

  • VGS system that separates all contaminants from the waste water; it flushes the clean water into the storm water drain and collects the contaminated water.

  • Permit to discharge industrial waste

  • Waste Management procedures including:

    • Solvent Recycle

    • Plastic Bumper Recycle

    • Cardboard and paper recycle



IPP is fully insured. Our clients vehicles are stored inside a fully monitored arlamed workshop overnight.

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